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About Sonams hubby Anand Ahuja

Anand Ahuja the would-be wife of Sonam the daughter of Anil Kapoor is the owner of Bhane fashion line and stores. Anand’s grandfather also used to export clothes in the name of shahi exports. Both Sona and Ahuja have been seeing each other and finally, the Mehendi is also over. They will get married and it will be recorded as one of the Bollywood movies.

About Sonams hubby Anand Ahuja

Sonam has done one movie with Salman Khan which was a hit and another story as air hostess which also received critics acclaim. It has to be seen if she would like to continue with movies as her father is still going strong with the movies apart from her brothers. Anand has studied in business schools and likes basketball. He also watches movies regularly especially the Bollywood ones.

About Sonams hubby Anand Ahuja

He was with Wharton and was working with a Bank in America. Later he returned to India for doing this fashion business. Sonam has been sporting this Bhane line of clothes and attire from time to time.They have huge properties also. people say they are made for each other. The Mehendi videos and also photos have gone viral.



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