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Sonakshi for electric cars

Sonakshi had a lot on her mind besides the stunning debutante. She is essentially an SUV girl, and on how electric mobility is really important for India.

Sharing her views on electric mobility and electric cars for India, Sonakshi Sinha said, “It (electric vehicles) is the need of the hour! I think everyone should switch to electric, and honestly, they need to do it now.

 Sonakshi for electric cars
We don’t need to add more pollution to the environment when we can do it, when there is an alternative and we have found it, discovered it, and there are cars that are functioning on it, so why can’t we make all of them electric?”

While DC Design did not have an electric car for us at its stall, this year’s auto expo had quite a few electric vehicles on display from various new and existing automakers.

The motor show saw both electric concepts as well as near-production models like – Mercedes EQ Concept, Tata RaceMo Electric, BMW i3S, Hyundai Ioniq, Suzuki e-Survivor, Renault Trezor Concept EV, and the most recent Uniti Electric car concept.



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