Some mistakes by Prime Minister Modi

Modi’s diminishing popularity is bothering his party leaders and cadres from time to time.

More than inclusive measures, Modi tried to make exclusive arrangements and make measures that made him grow individually in stature and not move collectively. Never bothered about supporters and also allies.

Running after headlines and publicity. Trying to make a point and score a point. Foreign jaunts with huge expenditure.

The Opposition, particularly Rahul Gandhi, has been attacking the Modi while asking him whether his government has deposited Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of people.

Prime Minister Modi

Concentrating on winning the elections. Chiding at Rahul and the Congress party and not that bothered about the plight of the common man in general.

The steep rise in prices, huge tax burden with the implementation of GST, the demonetisation and also bank scams. People like Vijay Mallaya and Nirva Modi running away from India.

Hike in petrol prices, heavy duty by both Central and State Governments on fuel, in turn, raised the prices of daily commodities such as vegetables, fruits and other basic necessities. Rural masses are depressed with Modi.

Modi government failed to control the crimes on women. Lot rapes and gang rapes were reported and Government did not take prompt action.



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