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Smith will not appeal against the ban

Steve Smith the Captain of the Australian team said that he takes the responsibility of ball tampering issue and would not appeal against it at any point in time. He was banned for a year from the cricket and he will take it and will not oppose it.

This is to send a strong message and impose discipline and I respect the verdict of the authorities Smith stated. He tweeted the same taking the responsibility of the issue in particular. He will face the one year ban.

Smith will not appeal against the ban

I would give anything to have this behind me and be back representing my country. But I meant what I said about taking full responsibility as Captain of the team. I won’t be challenging the sanctions. They’ve been imposed by CA to send a strong

After the ball tampering issue was aired with evidence, both the captain and vice-captain of the team were suspended from playing and a ban was imposed for 12 months. After the Ban, however, they will be picked for playing the mainstream cricket. But these are tough times for the Australian cricket.

Smith will not appeal against the ban



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