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Sleeping together with love is not rape

A Bombay high court has given a verdict that enjoying with love and sleeping together and having sex cannot be considered as rape. The court has been facing such cases where the girls enjoy first and if the men don’t co-operate they would make a complaint in the name of rape.

 Sleeping together with love is not rapeLiving together, liking each other, enjoying together with mutual consent and sleeping with mutual consent cannot be considered as rape the court directed. There are many cases where women have been harassing men if they don’t fall in line according to the whims and fancies. The men are almost like blackmailed in the end.

If they are in love and had sex, it cannot be considered as a rape the Judge opined. When they both agree and participate in the act and later the women say it as rape will not hold water in the court.

A chef by name Yogesh has sex with his lady staff in his house with mutual consent. But when the things were not going properly as per the wish of the lady, the lady dubbed it as a rape and Yogesh was convicted. TheN Yogesh went on an appeal exaplined that they loved each other and all that happened between them was with mutual consent. He also helped the lady financially.

The court said that it happened with mutual consent and cannot be considered as a rape.
This created a sensation in Mumbai and other states.  It has become a matter of discussion among the law fraternity.



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