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Siddha ready to step down for Gowda

Congress Chief Minister Siddha Ramaiah said that he was ready to pave way for a Dalit chief Minister In Karnataka. That means he is reaching out to the JDS openly to pave way for Gowda it looks like. One JDS leader has openly suggested that the Congress must outreach first if they need the support of JDS. This statement of Siddha to agree for a Dalit chief Minister indicates that he is ready to give way to the JDS in case they need the support from them.

Siddha ready to step down for Gowda

The exit polls indicate that mostly the BJP would get the majority seats. JDS said let’s wait and see Siddha says he is ready to step down and give the way to a Dalit Chief Minister.

Even when the results are not our, the Congress is ready to compromise with Gowda and give away the CM post to them. It is a matter of time and the results will change the whole scenario. The BJP might make it on its own and the BJP might join with JDS to form the government. Anything can happen. The JDS has opened channels from both the sides and the negotiations are already going on and the BJP may win the game finally.



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