Siddha is better than Yeddy says Prakash Political Top Stories 

Siddha is better than Yeddy says Prakash

Siddharamaiah the present chief Minister is better than Yedurappa and if BJP comes to power, the new CM will not be in power even for 3 months predicted the actor Prakash Raj. He was talking to the media here at Udipi.

Yeddyurappa keeps quite when PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah come to Karnataka he said. If the BJP rules continue, then India will als become like Pakistan Prakash condemned. Yeddyurappa has no self-respect he stated. He cautioned people against the BJP that it would incite clashes before the polls.

I dont have any leaning towards left or right, and I don’t have any religion Prakash clarified. The BJP is no experts to talk about any religion and for that sake, he is not against any religion the actor and popular villain clarified. Religion is like a lamp and it must give light he said. Religion should not drive or run the governments he opined.

Siddha is better than Yeddy says Prakash

Earlier Prakash met Deve Gowda along with CM KCR from Telangana and said that he was part of the think tank that wants to bring about change in the present system of governance.



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