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Shut your mouths says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised his lawmakers to keep quiet and dont give an opportunity to the media or anyone to correct the leaders or ridicule the leaders.

He was talking to MPs via video conference and said dont blame the media for everything. First one must think twice while making comments on issues he said. Dont give an opportunity to the media to write against us he cautioned the MPs.

Shut your mouths says Modi

Media is doing their job and let us do our work the Prime Minister suggested the MPs.

He also took to Twitter for interacting with his MPs.
Earlier also some BJP MPs talked in their own fashion on some issues. On the issues of population, beef consumption, cow slaughter so on and so forth.

While some like it, the majority of them did not like the comments. Modi realised that these comments were doing more damage than expected and he suggested them to keep shut.



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