Shriya busy with Allu Sirish.. Cinema Gossips Top Stories 

Shriya busy with Allu Sirish..

What is Shriya doing? After breaking up with Akhil and shelving the marriage plan she is busy with her fashion designing.

Recently when Shriya’s pictures surfaced on the internet where she’s noticed partying with Allu Sirish, a huge fuss was made out it.

But with Sirish clarified that theirs is a brother-sister like relations, rumor mills have calmed down.

Shriya Bhupal now joined hands with another favorite fashion designer Ananya Malhotra Reddy and crafted some new designs.

Named ‘Botanical Illusions,’ their new designs are exhibited at recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week too. Since 2014, Shriya regularly displays her designs at nation-wide popular fashion weeks.
There is nothing about Akhil and Shriya now. The buzz is about Chaitu and Samantha wedding.



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