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Who shot the black bucks?

Actress Simi Garewal tweeted that it was not Salman Khan who pulled the trigger in killing the back bucks. In a tweet, she posted that Salman was protecting someone for silly reasons and he did not harm any animal at all. We do know who did that but Garewal is sure that Salman is not that kind of a man who will hurt an animal.

If it is so she must come out with the truth in a tweet. Sheis of the opinion that being human Salman is taking the blame on himself since last 20 years. It may be noted that Salman was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and now he out on bail.

Who shot the black bucks?

If he did not pull the trigger and if he was driving the gypsy, then who did this. Who killed the black busks is the question. One thing is for sure that they were shot dead and the bullets from the gun killed.

If Salman did save the buck from the bush and fed them biscuits, then who the man or women who killed the black bucks putting Salaman to trouble. If it was not Salman why is it taking 20 years to find the real culprit? Is out police so weak that they cant find the killer of an endangered species in the forest? When there are people around saying that they have seen people shooting the deer.

The charity, the generosity etc of @BeingSalmanKhan is irrelevant here. What is all-important is the fact that he did NOT pull the trigger! He did NOT commit the crime. He is protecting someone for silly emotional reasons. Even at a HUGE cost to himself.



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