Sheep rearing is a 25000 crore business Business Political Top Stories 

Sheep rearing is a 25000 crore business

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said that he was very happy to distribute sheep to the Golla Kurumas for their livelihood in the state. The sheep was given to them at a huge subsidy for the welfare of the Kurumas.

This sheep rearing can generate funds to the state and we can stop taking truck loads of sheep from other states that are coming to Hyderabad. This is to stop the migration of farming community to Dubai and Mumbai the CM stated. On the financial front Telangana is No 1 he said.

 Sheep rearing is a 25000 crore business

In future the state budget will be go to 5 lakh crore he said. Did we dream of this he questioned? Sheep worth 1.5 crore is being distributed he explained. Golla Kurumas will be the richest people in the country when compared to others he said. More than 650 lorries of sheep come to Hyderabad he said. Why cant we grow the sheep and do the business locally here he questioned?

We can do a business of about Rs25000 crore business here in Telangana here with sheep he said. We have 35 lakh yadavs here and they can do wonders he opined. Sheep rearing is a big skill here in Telangana he stated.

We will give power 24/7 very soon he assured. We are giving Rs 8000 investment to the farmers he said. We are giving power, money and water for the farming community KCR said. The water projects are done exceedingly well by the Minister Harish Rao he praised. Godavary water are coming here soon he said.

Sheep rearing is a 25000 crore business

He said that the Government is here to help you, and that no farmer should commit suicide he warned. This will be a great success he said. The vet doctors will come to you and will treat the sheep and call on 1962 he said. You must take care of the sheep and they allowed to eat grass in the forests he said. You must grow the fodder also he suggested.

Horticulture can also be done he explained. Dhobis will also get ample opportunity to develop he said. The idea is to enrich the rural areas he opined. The farming community must get organised and develop themselves he stated. The funds will reach your accounts directly he assured.



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