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Shami is still my husband

Fast bowler Shamis wife Hasin Jahan wants to meet him along with her daughter. She clarified that she wants to meet him for the sake of daughter and that does not mean she is going to compromise on issues.

It may be noted that she filed several complaints against him for having illegal relationships outside marriage and on account of the domestic violence.
Shami was injured in a car accident and had stitches on the head and he is out of danger recouping in a hospital. But there is no response from Shamis side it is reported. Non from the fast bowlers family is giving no response to Hasin Jahan as they do want here to see him it looks like.

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So far she was unable to contact him and it has to be seen if she would be able to meet him in the near future. But she says that he is still her husband and wants to meet him.
On the other hand, the BCCI has cleared of allegations of match-fixing which were again levelled by his wife. When things were going right for Shami he met with this accident.



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