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Shalini is like Kangana

Yes, Shalini the girl from Arjun Reddy is having the past like our National award winner Kangana Ranaut. Kangana also came out of her house and faced a lot of hardships for becoming a star.

She was abused physically and also slept on roads to escape from the abusers. Had not food for many days. But managed to become a star.

 Shalini is like Kangana

The same is with our Shalini also. She became a film star, much against the wish of her family members. If you have a passion, you should also be prepared to pay the price for it. No one knows it better than Arjun Reddy heroine Shalini Pandey.

Her father opposed her entry into films. So, she ran away from home and when he tried to forcibly bring her back, she even tried to lodge a complaint against him.

During this period, she stayed in a single room and on many days, went without food.



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