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Sexual abuse case against Jeetendra

A sexual abuse complaint has been filed against veteran Bollywood actor Jeetendra by his cousin in Himachal Pradesh.

The alleged abuse took place when the victim, his cousin, was just 18 and Jeetendra was around 28, ten years older.

It took years for the victim to muster courage and speak out, after feminist awareness campaigns such as #MeToo, which have created an atmosphere of hope for millions of victims who remain quiet despite facing sexual abuse at the hands of their own families and relatives that they trust the most.

Sexual abuse case against Jeetendra

The victim decided to file a police complaint after the demise of her parents, who would have been heartbroken, had they got to know about the sexual abuse by Jeetendra, their nephew, she said.

She had just turned an adult when Jeetendra asked her father for permission to take her to a film shoot, where he allegedly sexually abused her.

The victim wants closure for the mental trauma she suffered for years after the alleged abuse.



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