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Severe heat in Telangana

The Temperature in Telangana has reached 43 degrees which is said to be very high at this point in time. People are not coming outside due to this heat conditions. The temperature is likely to rise in the next two days according to the MET department officials.

In Hyderabad, the roads are looking empty as the public is staying indoors to avoid the heat. The heat wave is in many districts like Adilabad, Ramagundam and other places. This may continue for another two days. Hyderabad may experience some rain here and there due to this condition it is predicted. It could be in the evening time.

It is becoming very difficult for the children and old people to venture out with this heat conditions. The school children are finding it difficult to make it to the schools.

 Severe heat in Telangana

The sale of cool drinks, coconut water, watermelon, soda, ice cream and Sugarcane juice is on the rise. They are making good business thanks to the summer. There is some water problem on the outskirts. The water tanker people are doing brisk business and some of them have raised the rates.

Borewell in some parts of the thickly populated areas have gone dry and they give water now and then. People are forced to depend on tankers for water.



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