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Sena MP says Congress will get a majority

Shiv Sena MP Raut said that the Congress will emerge as the largest party in the Karnataka polls. He accused that the BJP was using the entire official machinery and power to win the elections in Karnataka. Raut clarified that the Shiv Sena may not have any alliance with the BJP for the Assembly and Parliament elections in 2019.

The central machinery and the CMs of other states are working for winning the Karnataka elections he alleged. While UP was in a dust storm, UP CM Yogi campaigned in Karnataka. This is the best example he said.

Sena MP says Congress will get a majority

Where was the need for CM to address so many rallies in Karnataka using official machinery Raut questioned? People are listening to Rahul and the Congress party will come out as the largest party in Karnataka he predicted.

We will fight all our future elections on our own the Sena MP has stated. Sena will get the majority and the next CM will be from Shiv Sena he asserted.

In Northeast, the BJP has formed governments of break and make and they did not get any majority he explained. They have aligned with the local parties for the sake of power he said.



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