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Security beefed up for Babu

Following the Nandyal election and threats from YSRC chief and death wishes, the police have beefed up the security for AP CM Chandrababu.

While Jagan continued to flare up against Babu, the CM is maintaining his calm and playing his game safe for winning the election.

  Security beefed up for Babu

Babu is slowly turning the tide towards TDP and ensuring the victory for Bhooma family. Jagan is in a hurry and his apple cart could tumble any time. It is learnt that Prashant Kishore has left him in lurch.

Punters are giving high rate of returns to Jagan, which means he is on the verge of losing. The comments against Babu and Akhilapriya made by Roja has brought in lot of sympathy for the TDP candidate.

Security beefed up for Babu

Now the BJP has decided to support TDP in Nandyala and now there is clear cut edge for the TDP. A prominent minority leader has joined the TDP from YSRC ensuring the minority vote for Babu.







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