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It’s scary says Sanjay

A father of three, Sanjay the Munnabhai star says the present times are frightening for parents who constantly have a reason to worry about the security of their children.

Sanjay Dutt expressed concern about how vulnerable he feels as a parent considering the rise in the number of crimes against girls.

“It’s scary… I mean kids are not even safe in school after whatever happened to the little girl in Gurgaon (rape of a five-year-old school girl), it can horrify any parent.

“As a father, I always tell my kids to do their activity and come back home, spend time with us, spend time at home, because at least that is safer… ‘Baahar mahaul sahi nahi hai ‘.

I think this is the time when we not only should start respecting women but also be careful and protective towards children,” said the actor.



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