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SC rejects probe into Sridevi’s death

The Supreme Court has rejected a probe into the death of Superstar of Tollywood and Bollywood Sridevi. The Dubai courts have decided that it was a death due to accidental drowning. Sridevi died on February 24 in Dubai where she went to attend a marriage of her relative and was joined later by her husband Boney Kapoor.

We cannot interfere with the probe the CJI Mishra clarified. Sunil Singh a filmmaker approached the High court first and then went to the supreme court to seek an order to probe into the death of Sridevi. But the court rejected his request.

SC rejects probe into Sridevi's death

A forensic report was given by the Dubai doctors saying that she fell into unconsciousness in the bathtub and died in the process.

Singh argued that Sridevi had an insurance policy in Dubai to the extent of Rs 240 crore and he related this to her death in Dubai. The CJI informed that the court has already dismissed 2 petitions of this kind earlier. There were some allegations against Sridevi’s husband that he could be behind this death so and so forth. But later the allegations proved to be completely wrong and that she died accidentally in the bathtub by drowning.



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