SC asks Yeddy to prove majority on 19nth Political Top Stories 

SC asks Yeddy to prove majority on 19nth

The court has asked Yeddyurappa the BJP CM to prove his majority on 19nth that is Saturday.Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa is doing a one-man show, while the Congress said that he would be a one day chief Minister. But Yeddy has already affected the transfer of IAS and IPS officers. He has started his governance and is absolutely a confident man.

Today the case against the Governor for inviting Yeddyurappa will be heard by a 3 member bench and the prediction is that they will reduce the time given to the BJP for proving the majority on the floor of the house. They might give him 7 days or 8 days and Yeddy said that he does not require 15 days at all. He is super confident.

With an independent, the number has gone up to 105. 2 Congress MLAs are in touch with the BJP. That takes them to 107. Then the plot is to see that some Congress members abstain from the Assembly on the number count day, making it easy for the BJP.

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Yeddy retaining the CM post is almost a foregone conclusion and the Congress is planning countrywide protests over the issue. In Bihar Lalus son says he is in majority and now, he stakes claim for power. The Governor says the decision is as per constitution and according to the old precedents.

But the time given is more. It will pave way for horse trading. Modi has won the majority for BJP in Karnataka but the numbers are not enough and absolute to clinch the power. The JDS and the Congress are working hard to take the CMs seat and they will also go to any extent to achieve this.



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