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Save water- manage water – generate water

Some people predicted that there could be wars for water across the world. Looks like it is going to be true in the next decades to come. A warning and alert have been sounded to India and other countries that their taps would go dry this summer. Some South African countries are already facing the heat and they get water in litres like rationing, just in bottles and not regularly. There is no water for them on sale also. That is the sorry state of affairs.

A satellite analysis of over 5 lakh dams in the world shows that there will be severe water shortage soon. Even in India, the reservoirs may go dry as there is no proper management and also prevention in the wastage of water. The Taps in India may go dry if the situation is not arrested the satellite warning systems have predicted.

Thanks to the TRS Government that it has initiated Mission Bageeradha and Mission Kakatiya for regenerating the water resources in the state. CM K Chandrasekhar Rao made his minister Harish Rao to work on a mission mode and the results are showing. Not only that he is also fighting for the share of waters from Krishna – the Godavari and other sources. His election slogan is that KCR will not ask for votes if the Government cannot provide the water to every household. That is the challenge and commitment.

Now there are better sources of water for irrigation in Telangana. Some irrigation projects have been completed and some others are going ahead on war footing basis.

Save water- manage water - generate water

But people In Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy and other outskirts are facing the water problem. They get water once in two days. The groundwater table has also come down drastically in the metros and the borewells are also going dry. The people have to depend on water tankers.

According to the latest reports, there is water crisis globally and that many reservoirs are going dry due to warming of the earth. Like Swachch Bharat the Nation must come up with a program for conserving and better management of water in the country. The NDA Government must launch initiatives immediately and see that each individual conserves water across the nation.

The Telangana government must also launch the initiatives to conserve water. They have done a great job in regenerating the water in reservoirs, but that is enough they must see to it that the water is not wasted.

The Gujarat Government has stopped agriculture activity as there was no water for irrigation last month. What is the use of Urban development when there is no water for irrigation? The Narmada Andolan is at its peak. PM Modi was forced to take the aerial route in Cheanni to avoid the protestors on the roads.

It’s time to conserve water, manage water and generate water. Its the responsibility of every Individual.






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