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Santosh takes over as RS member

Santosh Kumar Joginapally has taken over as the RS member in front of Chairman Venkaiah Naidu at the upper house today. He along with Lingaiah Yadav and Banda Prakash have done the swearing in here at the RS. The Rajyasabha member from TRS is a man in action.

He met Venkaiah Naidu the Vice President who is also the Chairman of the Rajyasabha, the upper house earlier. Santosh was seen along with Kavitha the parliament member from Nizamabad the daughter of KCR the CM of Telangana.Venkaiah wished them all the best.

Santosh takes over as RS member

Santosh Kumar has always been a man who maintains good relationships with the higher ups and does his job perfectly well. He has earned a good name while serving KCR the CM at Pragathi Bhavan and also as the TRS general secretary.

Now being the parliament member he is bound to win the heart of one and all in the parliament. He will definitely take up the issues of the Telangana people in the RS and get a good name for himself and also KCR for promoting him to RS.

Santosh takes over as RS member

Santosh is supposed to play an anchor role for the party and also for KCR in Delhi while they work for the proposed peoples front in the near future. Santosh is an MBA and is an expert in networking with people apart from maintaining good media relations. This will also add to the propagation of the proposed peoples front.



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