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Santosh meets Governor Narasimhan

The newly elected RS member from Telangana Joginapally Santosh Kumar today met Governor Narasimhan to take his blessings. Santosh Kumar will take oath as RS member next month. He is one of the 3 members who has been elected from TRS party.

Santosh Kumar is a live wire in the TRS party activities and has been close with the CM KCR right from the agitation days. He is one of the think tanks in the party but always keeps a low profile and maintains cordial relations with leaders and party workers.

Santosh meets Governor Narasimhan

He is a well-read person with an MBA and a regular scanner of all the newspapers in the early morning hours.

Most of the media is known to him and can be said as a go-getter for KCR. With KCR moving to Delhi for the proposed peoples front, Santosh Kumar will be the anchor person in Delhi. He would be in RS and would be able to garner support from the leaders of other parties for the proposed front.

Like in Pragathi Bhavan he would be with KCR in Delhi it is expected. Today Santosh met the Governor and later he is expected to meet other leaders also. Governor Narasimhan blessed him for a bright future and many more success stories.



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