Santosh- Lingaiah, Prakash get elected to RS Political Top Stories 

Santosh- Lingaiah, Prakash get elected to RS

Joginapally Santosh Kumar, the TRS General secretary has been elected to Rajyasabha along with Lingaiah Yadav, Banda Prakash Mudiraj.

Santosh Kumar has been rewarded by CM K Chandrasekhar Rao as RS member for his sincerity and loyalty. Santosh is a go-getter for KCR and he is with him all the time in the thick and thin.

Santhosh -Santanna or Santhosh Rao is the fourth member after KTR the IT Minister, Kavitha the MP, Harish Rao the Minister for Irrigation. Santhosh is KCR’s wife’s sister-son and a trustworthy soldier for KCR.

Santhosh was born in Choppadandi constituency in erstwhile Karimnagar district into an agriculture family on 7th December 1976. Kumar later moved to Hyderabad for pursuing Intermediate and Degree after studying up to SSC in Karimnagar.

Santosh- Lingaiah, Prakash get elected to RS Later Santosh completed his MBA from Pune University. KCR calls him Are Santu”- with all love and affection.

He is known to be cordial with all the age groups in the party and is the shadow of KCR. He is here there and everywhere and wherever KCR needs him. From 5 am in the morning to early hours next day he can stay there for the boss and the work is done.

Never say no- has been the attitude of Santosh Kumar. His habit is to hear more talk less and deliver the things ordered by KCR.

The who’s who reach out to Santhosh if they need to convey any information or message to KCR . He never worked or aspired for the sake of positions or recognition but worked as a disciple of KCR with all the humility and sincerity.

Santosh walked in the footsteps of KCR for more than 16 years. Santhosh not only succeeded in gaining the trust of the TRS supremo but also proved his mettle with the party cadre and the people in general. Santosh knows all the media barons and representatives by name.

Recently Santhosh was rewarded with the responsibility of party general secretary. Now he will be coordinating all the works of KCR at Delhi .

Santosh is a friend of all in the family and also with the party cadres. He has helped a lot of people knowingly and unknowingly, but never took the credit. Patience has been his hallmark all the way.

Santosh is bound to reach greater heights in the near future.



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