Sanjay Dutt the beggar

There are many faces of Sanjay Dutt the actor. His life and times were made as Saju with Ranbir as the hero. There was a time when Sanjany begged on the streets of US to meet his friend. He was in a drug rehabilitation centre when he came out and ran away only to beg on the street, buy a ticket and see his friend.

sanjay dutt

Except for the Madhuri episode, many of the instances are kept as it is and there is no hide and seek or cinematic effort in the movie it is reported. Paresh Rawal is playing the role of Sunil Dutt the father of Sanjay while Manisha Koirala is doing the role of Nargis Dutt the mother of Sanjay. Both parents of Sanjay were film stars and Sunil Dutt was also a Congress MP.

Sanju’s journey is marked by many ups and downs. Some moments suspend you into disbelief. See these postcards i.. Every image a story.. a story unbelievable but true..The film is all set to be released on June 29. Many of them declared it as a hit.



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