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Sania the brand lady for Centuary Mattresses

Sania Mirza is pregnant and now she has to take some rest. She is also injured and recovering from it. For that, she has chosen Centuary mattresses. Now that she will easily rest for a year and needs a good mattresses. She is already the brand ambassador for the state of Telangana.

Mirza Malik the name has been already decided for the child and is expected in October. Both of them have announced it is style and now she is advertising for one of prestigious mattresses company. One has to see what will be the future of Sania with the game after the motherhood in October.

Sania the brand lady for Centuary Mattresses

Sanias father is also happy that his daughter is becoming a mother. To keep herself busy during the pregnancy period she is doing the job for Century mattresses. She is also trying to endorse some more products for children and kids. She might endorse some more products after the childbirth also.

As a brand ambassador for Telangana, she has done the state proud by winning so many matches at International level.



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