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Sania blasts the netizen

Sania Mirza the ace tennis star was all sorry for the way a girl was raped in Jammu and Kashmir. She tweeted against the attitude of the culprits and opined that this should not happen. She was sorry about the state of affairs in India and she questioned the people as to how we are projecting the Nation to other people. An 8-year-old girl was raped in Jammu and Kashmir for which Sania was pained and tweeted against it.

One of the citizens seeing this reaction tweeted against Sania stating that she married a Pakistani and no more an Indian and that she should talk about the terrorism prevailing in Pakistan. Sania shot back saying that she married a Pakistani cricketer and that anybody can marry anyone in the country and that she is an Indian would continue to play for India.

 Sania blasts the netizen
She also stated that in such issues of this kind humanism is required and humanity is the answer for this and not the nationality. People must join together and help each and not fight against each other she opined.

She also opined that the netizen is third rate thinking man and she not explain as to where she belongs and what is her identity. We need not answer the queries put by such third-rate people she opined.

Sania faced a lot of questions of this kind when she married Shoeb Malik the Pakistani cricketer. Marriage is different and nationality is different. She is an Indian first and later comes all other things Sania explained several times.



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