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Samosa festival in UK

Chota samosa, Bada samosa, Aloo Samosa, Onion Samosa, Kheema Samosa so on and so forth. Samosa is like the party of our culture in Hyderabad. You will get Chot samosa with onions in almost all the chai corners and hotels.

Laloo and Aalu in samosa were also compared and campaigned earlier. That is the way Samosa is popular across the country and in several parts of the world as a snack.

Now a national Samosa festival is being conducted in Britain from April 9 to 13. You can eat sell or buy samosas this week to make them further popular.

Samosa festival in UK

The money raised by way of samosas business will go to charity organisations. Even in schools, kids can sell samosas to raise funds for the charity they decided.

In this fashion, the Samosas are becoming popular in various forms across the world. When it comes to Hyderabad Samosa with bun and finally a chai is very popular. In some places, it is poor mans food. Right from one rupee to Rs 50 samosas are packed in various forms and prices.

In old city Samosa stuffed with Beef kheema is more popular. It is stuffed in the bread and taken as a snack in the evenings. Peas samosa is popular among marwadi community with Tamarind chutney.



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