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Samantha wants a baby

Samantha who is riding with the success of Rangasthlam wants to become a mother. The Ramalaxmi from Rangasthlam wants to enjoy the motherhood now.

It is learnt from the close family circles that she and her husband Chaitanya Akkineni have decided as to when they would like to have a baby. They also do not want a VVIP life away from the society. They want a life like regular people. Now one can see Chaitu and Sam going for a walk together around their flats.

Chai and Sam are staying in Jayabehri Orange county towers in the Financial district of Nanakram Guda. They go together for shopping grocery.

They list out things like normal families and then prepare the dinner also on their own sometimes. That is the way they stay together grounded and are leading the life. Sam is having a great time with the success of Rangasthalam while Chaitu is waiting for the success. Even Akhil is also waiting for the success for a long time.

Nagarjuna Akkineni is trying to balance the things and get right things for Akhil and Chaitu while Samantha is getting good offers and she making them great hits.

Samantha wants a baby

But it has to be seen, if Sam is getting ready for a baby is she is pregnant. No one confirmed this but they want a baby that is for sure. But she loves the baby and also the work. Amala Akkineni was thrilled to know about these plans from Chaitu and Sam. Samantha might take a gap for some time and then get back to the work.

The hero of Rangasthalam Cherry boy is also craving for a kid. Let’s hope Rangasthalam success and happiness will give him a baby also in the meantime.



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