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Samantha says black sheep in all sectors

Samantha Akkineni the heroine who gave a blockbuster with Ranagastham said that she has gained and learnt a lot from the film industry and most of them helped her to grow and gain in the industry.

She said that her first film was hit and that there was no looking back for her. She is continuing with the work even after getting married and will also do the work even after becoming a mother to a child. That is her confidence level.

Talking about the casting couch, Samantha opined that this exists in all the industries and film industry is no exception. There will be some black sheep in all the sectors she stated. It depends on how we carry ourselves also she opined.

Samantha says black sheep in all sectors

Samantha is working in Tamil and Telugu industry and she did not struggle to get success. Most of her films have been a hit and that streak continues.

It may be noted that Srireddy brought the casting couch issue into focus and it is the talk of the film industry in all the states. The state Government has appointed a committee to look into the issue and MAA is also looking into the issue.



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