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Salman is guilty will go to Jail

A Jodhpur court has given the judgment today in the blackbuck poaching case that Salman Khan the superstar is guilty and he will go to the jail.

All others are free. It was said  that Salman Khan shot the black bucks which are an endangered species and the case has been postponed from time to time. Now it is ready for the final judgement.

Saif Ali Khan and two other lady stars were also in the vehicle used by Salman for shooting the endangered animals.

If Salman Khan is convicted he will have to be in the jail for 6 years. The final arguments were concluded in the case in March and the matter has been posted for April 5.

Salmans black buck case -Jail or bail?

The prosecution alleged that Salman has shot a deer. But there are no bullets in the deer body or no gun was found in the episode Salmans Lawyer has stated to the court.

A video with Saif Ali shouting at his driver in Jodhpur is viral on the web. Earlier Salman was free from a case where a man was killed under his vehicle when he was driving in the night. All the stars involved in the case are in Jodhpur and they will go to the court today.

Salmans Lawyer is on the verge of proving that the deer was not killed with a gun and there was no evidence on the said allegations against Salman.

The incident occurred in 1998 when they were shooting for the film Hum Saath Saath Hain. There are reports that the blackbuck was killed and brought to the hotel for cooking late in the midnight.The same has been taken for dinner late in the night in a hotel nearby Jodhpur.



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