5 years jail for Salman -to move the sessions court! Cinema Top Stories 

5 years jail for Salman -to move the sessions court!

There are a lot of guessing games going on about the punishment to be given to superstar Salman Khan the blackbuck hunting case. But he was given a 5-year term by the Judge here. He will have one months time to go for an appeal. If he does not get the bail immediately he will be moved to the jail by this night. Since the term is for more than 5 years the local courts may not give him a bail.

While Salman was declared guilty by the Jodhpur court all others were let free with the benefit of a doubt. Salman Khan has been convicted under section 9 and 51 of Wildlife Protection Act. 6 years could be the maximum punishment under the law prescribed it is reported.

 Salman to move the sessions court!

But if the punishment is for 3 years or less, the Magistrates could is likely to suspend the punishment according to the sources. If it is more than 3 years then Salman is likely to move the session court for bail.

If Salman goes to Jail then he will be one of the heroes after Sanjay Dutt who is very popular and would be in the Jail. There is a chance that he might get a bail also.



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