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Salman and Kat sip in one cup

There were rumours that Salman and Katrina were more than friends and then that they are not in sink with each other so on and so forth. They were dating each other and not dating got separated and that Katrina was seeing Ranbir and staying together with him.

   Salman and Kat sip in one cup
later Katrina got separated from Ranbir and staying alone. The house was found by Salman for Katrina.
There was a marraige propsoal with Ranbir and then they are not seeing each other. Now the queston is katrina back wtih Salman or is just a publicity stunt.

They were seen sitting on the same dais and Katrina was seen sipping the coffee from Salmans cup. Yes Salmans Jhuta cup. They were sipping the coffee from the same cup.

Sonakshi Sinha was the witness and she was also in the dais with Salman and Katrina. We dont know if they have joined again for the good and it is just the way like the friends do it. Here they are more than friends and Salman is always there for her.

Only they can clarify on this. Even girls have one cigarette and rotate it. Close friends have the sip from the same cup, they need not be lovers. But this coffee sipping from the same cup raised many eye  brows it is learnt.



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