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Salman in jail with Asharam Bapu

 Like Sanjay Dutt superstar Salman Khan has also walked into the Jail for the second time. He was sentenced to 5 years in Prison for shooting the black bucks in 1998. The case continued for about 20 years and now he is convicted

Earlier he was acquitted in another case when he drove his vehicle over the people who were sleeping on the footpath where one of them was killed.

 Salman in jail with Asharam Bapu
He was in the same jail for 5 days in 2006. The prosecution has asked the Judge for tough sentence branding him as a repeat offender.

Now Salman will be in the company of Asaram Bapu in Barrack 2. There is another gangster Lawrence Bishnoi in the same jail who allegedly threatened Salman.

The security has been beefed up inside and outside the Jail. Asharam has been in the jail for raping a school girl.



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