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Salman in Jodhpur -blackbuck case postponed

It is reported that Salman Khan the superstar has arrived in Jodhpur for the Blackbuck case. He was earlier sentenced to 5 years in the buck poaching case and later given a bail. Sources said that he was here for further investigation.

Salman who was in various cases has been winning the cases as the prosecution could not prove anything against him. The whole world knows that since he is Salman he is able to get the bail and come out of the jail.

But Salman said that he was being instigated as he was a celebrity. If not a celebrity no one would have bothered. But people know as to who was driving the car and who had shot the blackbucks and who fed them biscuits.

Salman in Jodhpur for blackbuck case

Some of them questioned if Sanjay Dutt can be convicted, why not Salman Khan? Sanjay Dutt could not escape from the law and Salman is able to manage the law that is the difference.

But the local people want Salman to be punished as they treat the Chinkaras as the god, the ladies here breastfeed them as their children. But the court wants evidence for everything. Without proper evidence, the court will not punish anyone.

It has to be seen what twists and turns the case will take. If Salman will come clean out of the case or will he end up like Sanjay Dutt? There is also a chance that the case could be dragged for some more time.



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