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Salman has little BP

Salman Khan the heartthrob of Millions is having a little bit of Blood Pressure and he is going alright now in the Jail. The doctors who examined him told that he was alight and the situation was normal.

The police have beefed up the security as there is a threat to Salamans life. The police are considering if Salman should be put in an isolated place in the Jail so that there would not the security issue to him.

Doctors were also kept in place in case Salman needs any assistance. At the same time, some family members of Salman and his followers are camping near the Jail premises it is learnt. Any emergency they would enter the scene and get the things right.

Meanwhile, the superstar could not complete his regular gym routine and he did not take the dal roti food being provided by the Jail staff. He did not get even the food from outside it is learnt.

Salman has little BP

The bail plea moved by Salmans lawyer was posted for 7nth and he was expecting the bail today. He was sentenced to 5 years by the court. There is another plea in the court by the local people that all other stars who accompanied Salman while killing black bucks must be punished.

The producers and the directors who are doing Salman films along with his friends and family members are scouting for various channels to get Salman khan on bail. There are rumours that they are trying the PMO channel in this respect. It may be noted that Salman almost campaigned for BJP in an indirect way by flying kites with Prime Minister Modi for the kite festival. The same was condemned by MIM leader and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi earlier asked his fans not to go for Salmans movie Jai Ho and the film failed miserably. Then Salman tweeted Yeh Kya kar diya bhai ?There is every chance that the BJP sources might help out Salman in this respect.

It may be noted that earlier Bal Thackrey the Shiv Sena Chief helped Sanjay Dutt in getting out of the Jail when his father Sunil Dutt approached Thackrey.



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