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Sachin made Dhoni the captain

Many people take credit for identifying Mahi Dhoni as the player and also the captain material. But Dhoni said that the credit goes to Sachin Tendulkar. Whenever Sachin was there at the slips along with Dhoni, he used to discuss the various issue of fielding bowling and other things with him.

The good thing about Doni was that he was young and never hesitated to give his opinion on the cricket about the players so on and so forth. It was during that time Sachin thought that Dhoni was the captain kind of material and encouraged him from time to time.

Sachin made Dhoni the captain

“I was not part of the conversation when I was made the captain of the team. I feel that looking at everything, maybe it was the honesty that I had, and my ability to read the game,” MS Dhoni was earlier quoted as saying by The Print.

Dhoni was the youngest at that point in time and shared his views openly with the senior players. Sachin would give his views and then Dhoni would give his opinion and they would finally come to a conclusion.

So Sachin played the pivotal role in Dhoni being made the captain for India.



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