Rumours about Motkupally Narsimhulu

There are rumours in circulation that the Polit Bureau member of the TDP Motkupally Narsimhulu would be joining the TRS soon. People say that he continued with the TDP for getting the Governors post. But now the BJP is against the TDP and Chandrababu has no terms with Modi the PM.

In this context, there is no question of getting the Governor’s post to Narsimhulu. Rumours are in circulation that the TDP in Telangana would be merged with the TRS soon and Motkupally will also join the party before that.

However, there was no word or clarification on this account from the TDP or TRS circles. Some of the leaders said that they could be pure rumours from people who are against Motkupally and his political future.

Rumours about Motkupally Narsimhulu

Motkupally, on the other hand, was not available for comment. Earlier also there were rumours of this kind but Motkupally openly condemned them and met Chandrababu Naidu who in turn promised him about the Governor’s post in the NDA regime.

Now that the PM Modi and CM Babu are fighting with each other and there was no question of Motkupally getting the said post.

But there is every need for Chandrababu to set the TDP right in Telangana and it is in the ICU.



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