Rumours of Horse trading in Karnataka Political Top Stories 

Rumours of Horse trading in Karnataka

There is a talk in Karnataka that 12 Congress MLAs are in touch with the BJP. 6 MLAs did not attend the CLP meeting in Karnataka. There is also a talk that 3 JDS MLAs are talking to the BJP. At the same time, there is another news that Revanna the brother of Kumara Gowda is in touch with a dozen MLAs to join BJP and would become the Deputy CM.

Prakash Javdekar the Union Minister said that things will fall in line at the appropriate time and that some disgruntled elements from the Congress and JDS would support the BJP he opined.

There is a talk that the Governor would invite the BJP first as they are the largest party elected by the people in voting.

Rumours on Horse trading in Karnataka

But the Congress has decided that they would approach the court against the Governors decision. This would delay and derail the process of installing the new Government in Karnataka. Both the JDS and the Congress MLAs are claiming that they are getting calls from the BJP in the name of giving ministry. JDS Chief Kumara Gowda alleged that more than 100 crores were promised to the MLAs for joining the BJP.

Gowda said that the alliance was to save the secular forces. Both groups are confident that they are close to the power and the final decision has to be taken by the Governor. If the BJP gets the first call they will definitely convert it into a majority and will form the Government. But the Congress is also equally geared up to stop the BJP. They will give the CM post to JDS and would support the JDS and form the Government.

For the time being all eyes are on the Governor and his decision. The who is who of the Congress and BJP are camping in Karnataka while the lobbyists are doing their business from outside.



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