RSS- Gadkari plotting to kill Modi!

Shehla Rashid a student activist has tweeted in response to the Rajiv gandhi style assasination on Modi- that RSS and Union Minister Gadkari were planning to plot Rajiv Gandhi style to kill the Pm Modi.

RSS- Gadkari plotting to kill Modi!

In response to this Gadkari said that he would take legal action against anti soccial elements who were trying to make bizzare allegations on the social media.

Some maoists were arrrested earlier by the police saying that they had a letter plotting to kill PM Modi in Rajiv Gandhi style. To this some of the maoist sympathsiers and writers charged that the letter was fabricated, planted and was to gain sympathy that the BJP government uses the same tricks from time to time.

Meanwhile 5 maoists were arrested by the Pune ATC police and there were also allegations aginst naxal sympathiser Varavara from Hyderabad. He clarfied that that it was just an allegation and all that they can do is arrest him. The Maoists were planning to get about rs 8 crore for purchasing 4 lakh rounds of ammunition and that they were apprehensive that they may fail in the process.



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