Rs 10000 fine for using plastic covers

The Mumbai civic body has decided that whoever uses plastic bags would be fined with Rs 10000/- This will come into effect from June 23. Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation has banned the usage of the plastic bag and this a step towards protecting the environment to some extent. The plastic has affected the marine life in the coastal areas of Mumbai and it is high time that the Government bans plastic.

plastic covers

Some governments have already banned the plastic covers but the implementation is very poor. The usage continues in the remote areas. BMC officials are checking malls, shops and street vendors to stop the usage of plastic covers as they are not biodegradable.

225 inspectors are on the job going from place to place and inspecting various shops and establishments to stop the sale of plastic covers. The BMC is advertising for the usage of paper and cloth bags. Earlier the BMC has given three months times to stop the usage of plastic covers. Since March 23 the ban was announced and from June 23 the ban will be strictly implemented.



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