Roja as LP-Prakash as NTR

RGV wants versatile actor Prakash Raj to play NTR. If at all Prakash Raj is chosen, he fits the bill to the core.
But then, Prakash Raj’s nod must be needed for this controversial project. YSRCP leader Rakesh Reddy is going to helm this project.

RGV, said that NTR and Lakshmi Parvati characters in the ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ are very important. There is speculation that Roja will be doing Lakshmi Parvathi’s character in this film.

Roja as LP-Prakash as NTR

If Prakash Raj agrees to NTR’s character, then Roja is expected to essay the Lakshmi Parvathi’s role.

RGV also said that he would begin the film in early 2018 and release it in October 2018 and Lakshmi’s NTR would be totally devoid of a political angle. People across the Telugu states are watching Ramu and his film.

Roja as LP-Prakash as NTR



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