Roja blasts Babu again.. Political Top Stories 

Roja blasts Babu again..

After losing in Nandyal and Kakinada, Raja is not on the back foot. She continues to attack and ridicule the CM of AP Chandrababu Naidu. She questioned CM as to why he was maintaining double standards.

She asked him to explain as to why he stopped with one son and why his son also stopped with one son? Babu has Lokesh and Lokesh has only one son Devansh.

Busy babu has time for Devansh

She questioned him as why he was following family planning and why he is asking educated people to have more children.

The population ratio in AP is less and Babu says one has to use Robos in future if the population does not go up. He wants the population to increase in Andhra Pradesh.

There should be no family planning and the population must grow left and right he suggests.



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