Revanth stays back – looks at Jana Sena

The TDP leader Revanth who is popular for vote for note scam was almost on the verge of joining the BJP. He was supposed to be the CM candidate for the BJP. But he backed out in the last moment and stayed back with the TDP.

The reason is that Kishan Reddy the former BJP President was unhappy with the Revanths proposal to join the BJP. Kishan Reddy almost grew in the BJP right from his child hood and was the President. Now he is unable to digest people coming from other parties. Perhaps this is one reason the BJP did not prosper in Telangana. Only 4 leaders thrived in the United AP and that continues.

Now it looks like Revanth is trying to lure Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who launched party with an emotional speech at Hitex could not receive the support as expected for three years.

Revanth stays back - looks at Jana Sena

Despite huge following in Telugu States, Pawan became just a laughing stock for expressing his views only on Twitter, but now he is seriously working to strengthen the party and prepare it for 2019 elections.

Pawan tried to be in public attention with different captions and tweets to gain popularity and went on talking about South-North divide which is not there in a dominant form.

Though he faced critics on the South-North discourse , he found a friend who supported his theory, that too from TDP in Telangana. He is none other than firebrand Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy said it is clear that the discrimination is going on by the Central Government on southern States. He heaped praises on Power Star for bringing this subject to public notice.

One has to wait and see how TDP Supreme will react to this statement by Revanth Reddy. The TDP is almost on the verge of extinct here in TS. With so much backing the BJP is unable to move or shake TRS and its chief KCR. What can TDP do with a handful of leaders in the near future has to be seen.



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