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Restrictions on filimi content?

While there is already an allegation that only 4 people are controlling the film theatres in the Telugu states now they are trying to control the channels also soon.

it is reported that few top producers have decided to stop film content to the channels. They have decided to specialise the channels for airing this content in the name of entertainment channels. That means all the regular news channels will not have the filmi content in the future. Then the viewers will be forced to go to the entertainment channels by a compulsion to view the content.

Restrictions on filimi content?
Some Channels like star Maa and other channels with entertainment specific tag only will get that film content.The coverage will be allowed on the invitation. The coverage rights will be sold. It could be auctioned also.

The programs like launches and other press meet pertaining to the filmi people will be on some specific channels. Not only the theatres, but the channels will also be taken over by these people in the name of entertainment.

The TRP will go up and they will raise the advertisement tariff also. The importance of the news channels will come down drastically. People now are getting a mix of film and other news in general.

But in future only news viewers will go to news channels and for entertainment, they have to go to other channels in specific.That was a loud thinking made by the big people of the film industry and it has to be seen when it is going to be implemented.

 Restrictions on filimi content?Then the monopoly over the film content will be here for some channels only all the channels cannot come for the film coverage. Even now it is restricted, but in future, it may be further regularised in the name of specialisation.

The mega family is coming with a channel in the name of J that is for Jana Sena and it will be under Pawan Kalyan.



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