Reham says Imran Khan was a homo

Reham Khan the former wife of Cricketer and the President of PTI political party said that Imran Khan was a homosexual and used the men in his party for his sexual favours. She said that Imran has harassed her sexually and that was the reason she has left him.

Reham also alleged that Pakistan cricketer Akram also fulfilled his own sexual fantasies with his wife. She charged that Akram made his wife to have sex with a black partner and he enjoyed it.

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All these allegations were denied by the cricketers, but the lady stuck to her version. She also claimed that media coordinator of the PTI had an illicit relationship with Imran Khan and that he controlled him.

Reham has written all this in her autobiography and has named people that is men who have sex with Imran. Some of the men tweeted that Reham was making false allegations and was playing into the hands of people who are against Imran and PTI.



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