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Regional parties can trounce the BJP

Former CM and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav said that the regional parties have the strength to trounce the BJP at the National level. All of them should come together and take on the BJP he suggested. He was speaking to the media here at the Pragathi Bhavan along with the CM KCR after the lunch.

Akhilesh said that he was supporting the cause of KCR who has been striving to form an alternative for the change that should be brought in across the Nation. He complimented KCR for bringing the required change in the state of Telangana. He said that the welfare of the farmer is important for the well being of the state and also the country.

Talking about the proposed new front and the agenda, Akhilesh said that they have been talking about it over a month and the agenda will be decided in a month or two. He said that people like KCR should mobilise the regional parties and leaders to take on the centre and the misrule of the centre. The BJP failed to deliver he opined.

Regional parties can trounce the BJP

Akhilesh was happy to come to Hyderabad and had a discussion on the present political scenario in the country and agreed with KCR that there should be a change in the country. He was earlier welcome by KTR the minister at the Begumpet airport. Minister Srinivas Yadav was also present here at the airport. A lunch was hosted by KCR to Akhilesh here at Pragathi Bhavan along with some minsters.



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