Ramzan Mubarak! It starts from this night… Health Top Stories 

Ramzan Mubarak! It starts from this night…

The Moon has been spotted and the holy month of Ramzan has started . The holy Ramzan Month has begun and it is time for the Muslim brother to take an energetic food and avoid foods that spoil the health. The fasting will start and it would continue for a month. It’s Haleem time. Hyderabad is being decked for the holy month and the eating joints have been decorated for attracting the customers.

The masjids have been decked up for prayers. The special prayers will be done from this night. The fasting and feasting will start on Thursday.

What the Namazis should avoid:

Ramzan Mubarak!

a. Don’t take spicy food when you are fasting. It causes indigestion medical experts say.

b. Try to reduce the intake of Chai as it could lead to dehydration. This is summer and it is better to avoid drinks that cause thirst.

C. Even salts and oils make you thirsty. Be in the limit on what you take. Take a good food with fibre and easily digestive base.

d. More sugary food is also not good and it leads to thirst. The food should be healthy and easily digestible for the summer during the month of may.

e.Take water to the extent possible and if possible substitute the food with fruits and salads to the extent possible.



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