Rajinikanth, one more film with PaRanjith

It looks like PaRanjith is going to be lucky for the third time. Kabali created a sensation first and it could not stand at the box office after some time. But people talked about Kabali. They talked about crores of collection and then kept quiet about it.

After that Dhanush Produced Kaala for Rajini and Ranjith, it is better than Kabaali but could not be shown in Karnataka.

Even though it is not a super duper hit, Ranjith gave an average routine story and fans are Ok with it.

 Rajinikanth PaRanjith
But now the latest news is that Ranjith has narrated another storyline to Rajini and he liked it. They are going to do another movie and the produce is yet to be decided. It could be Dhanush again.

There are top directors in the line for Rajini’s call sheets. But Rajini has developed a different kind of liking for Ranjith and even Dhanush is endorsing the same.

It has to be seen when Rajini is going to announce it. But you have to accept the guts and confidence of Rajini even after two averages from the same director. lets hope after kabali-Kaala it could be another title with K. But there are times when flop directors also gave super duper hits.



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