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Rajini will be the next CM

The days of OPS and EPS will soon come to an end in Tamilnadu. It will be Rajinikanth . The ace actor is already in politics and he is following the Modi the PM style that was adapted by Modi during the Gujarat days. Modi also toured and gave photo sessions to his followers from time to time and finally he is the PM of the country.

Now Rajini is following his footsteps. He may join BJP or start a party of his own soon. He will be touring the entire Tamilnadu and would meet the fans for the photo sessions which are an instant hit. I am a true Tamilian and the son of a soil Rajini claimed today.

Rajinis elder brother Sathyanarayana Rao told the media that this is the right time for the superstar to take the plunge. Amidst rumours that Rajini will join the Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP leader S Prakash has stated that his entry into politics would change the equation in the state. His fans are elated and waiting for him to announce next steps.

BJP welcomes Rajinikanth

If he forms his own party his Baba style hand symbol will be the election symbol. The back ground is highlighted with the same sign of Baba and this means he has released the election symbol also. In the next three months Rajini will create a situation where people will shout Rajini- Rajini and only Rajini.
Political analyst and journalist Cho Ramaswamy, who was Jayalalithaa’s confidante , had also felt Rajinikanth was the only capable person in the state who could give an honest administration. He even compared him to Narendra Modi then. However, that was in 2008. Post that, the two friends didn’t seem to discuss this issue much.

If Rajini decides to join an existing party then would it be the BJP considering his friendship with PM Narendra Modi? Corruption and bribery are rampant in politics, how will he tackle them? For someone espousing truth and honesty, will he survive in politics? These are just some questions that spring to our mind ..
But this is fixed and final. Rajini is in politics.





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